Sometimes I draw things if people ask nicely.Β  Have to be FAMILY FRIENDLY though.


96 thoughts on “Requests?

  1. Antuan M

    Hey hows it going I have a question is there any way that I can use a drawing of yours specially ( for my logo.

    • vonholdt

      just as something like a forum avatar logo, or for some kind of site/business?

  2. Antuan M

    For a Business

    • vonholdt

      i’d have to say no then, but i really appreciate you asking! i’m not opposed to commission work…

  3. Your ninja art is very interesting. Can we have a conversation (skype, gtalk, etc) about a logo comission for

  4. tina


    I’m a young female entreprenuer working on a mobile storytelling application. I’d like to use your “catching up image” for a presentation. Here’s a test run (just to show you the concept)-
    Wanted to see if I could get permission from you.


    • vonholdt

      sure, and thank you for asking. good luck with your presentation!

  5. Jamiel Davis

    This is James, it has been awhile since we chatted. Actually since I left NRT… but I still follow your work. I have a request for a logo. EccentrikLabs is the name I am going with and I wanted to see if you could create the concept. Let me know what you think.

  6. please Do ’80s April o’ Neil as a Mutant Rat like ’80s Splinter kissing Splinter
    (Splinter must be lonely being the only one of his kind…think about it)

  7. Hi Vonholt! I saw your “Nerdy Roger” drawing – I absolutely LOVE it!! Is there ANY way I could get a jpeg image of your Nerdy Roger? I’m doing a student-run business at BYU-Idaho and we create custom vinyl decals for students and people in the community. It’s an academic experience, so the business doesn’t run long-term – we’ll actually be closing up 2 weeks from today. I’d be willing to negotiate a price for the image. We’ll probably only sell a few during the remaining term of our business. You can contact me at or message us on our fb page Thanks!!

    • vonholdt

      unfortunately, i made that design for the express reason of selling my own vinyl stickers. i would rather not turn it over to anyone else.

  8. Oh that’s cool! No worries then πŸ™‚ keep up the good work!

  9. thank you!

  10. Hi Vonholdt
    Any chance of being able to use Doodle 254 – Apron Strings October 26, 2009 – to illustrate a blog that I’m writing for Advertising Week Social Club? It’s perfect to illustrate blog content – focusing on how advertising needs to be regulated but can stay creative. AWSC website is – this will be my first blog.

  11. Thanks for swift response – will keep you updated

  12. Samantha

    Hi. I would love to use your doodle as a design for my shirt printing and if it is okay with you if I’ll make it as our official band logo? πŸ™‚ I got it from your old blog here

  13. celldura

    How about a doodle of Shere Khan catching Mowgli (from the Jungle Book) where Shere Khan is smiling and saying “I only wanted to hug you”?

  14. Andy Aquino

    Hi i’m interested in using your Monopoly Drawing for a clothing company, is there anyway i can purchase rights to that certain drawing? Do you have an email we can professional discuss business? Thank you VonHoldt! Btw your work is awesome!

    • vonholdt

      Thank you for your gracious comment! I don’t know how that would work since the character is the property of another company. I was just doodling it in parody. It’s not a direct copy of any existing illustrations, but I definitely drew it in the same style. I’m not sure what the proper legal guidance is. Any idea?

  15. Cocooner

    Hi there!
    Since I’m totally incompetent in drawing I used one of your doodles to complement my logo on my personal blog πŸ™‚ you can see it on
    If it’s a problem just contact me through the site and I’ll change the design since I just started it.
    I just wish I had your talent sigh πŸ™‚
    Greets, Ivan

    • vonholdt

      i suppose that’s fine, though if you’re super rich i do commission work… i like how it fits well with your rocket.

  16. Cocooner

    Mate if I was super rich I’d be laying on a caribbean beach instead of this foggy cold place πŸ˜€
    Anyway since you’re talented in case an opportunity to do some work arises I’ll keep you in mind!

  17. Johnny

    Hi there! Love your work! I was wondering if you could make a few frames for animation based on a spaceman sketch on your doodle a day blog. Any chance you would be open to this? Keep up the rad work!

  18. Jeffrey

    Would it be ok if I used a slightly modified version of one of your Doodle-a-Days ( for an academic t-shirt design? It’s strictly in-house; we will not be selling the shirts for any kind of profit.

  19. Lisa

    Would you mind if our troop used your LEGO scout for our Blue and Gold banquet program? Would be distributed to about thirty-five families and would not be for sale.

  20. Scott Ward

    First, I really love your style! I googled Badger and your orange badger is awesome! Then I was checking out your other stuff, and I am a fan for sure. I am in need of a drawing for a memorial road race I am trying to put together. I would like to have a customer medal made to represent the fallen hero. Would you be interested in helping me out? I am looking for a Badger standing, holding a trident. He has to look totally tough. I can give you more details via email. Thank you for your consideration.

    • vonholdt

      I might be able to doodle something for you, but I’ve been insanely busy lately.

  21. Scott ward

    Ok. Please let me know. Thank you

    • vonholdt

      what kind of turn around do you need? i think i’ve got an idea sketched out, just need time to clean it up on the computer.

  22. Scott ward

    That’s awesome! I would like to have it done by the 15th or so. But it’s your schedule, so you tell me!

  23. Dawn Bryant

    Love your work and your extremely talented. I was wondering if I made some changes to your tribal wave could I please use it as a part of a logo I need. It’s the perfect wave and I have made some changes. I don’t want to infringe on any copyrights.

    • vonholdt

      thank you very much for your praise and seeking permission. i suppose that depends on the logos use. is this for a business or just a personal image you’re making?

  24. Dawn Bryant

    It is more of just a product. It’s the first thing I’ve ever made so I’m just at the beginning of this project.

    • vonholdt

      well if your just taking inspiration from it and changing it into something new for your use, then i’m ok with that.

      • Dawn Bryant

        Thank you so much. Can I email it to you personally so you can see it?

      • vonholdt

        sure. i’ll send you an e-mail to reply to.

  25. Dawn Bryant

    Great. And thank you.

  26. Great work. I came across your OWL tribal on your doodle a day which brought me over to this site. I’m wondering if you can contact me offline as I’m interested in potentially getting a tribal owl drawn or potentially a logo for a small family business I’m starting up.

  27. Hi Vonholdt,
    I absolutely love your kittens done in 2014. I laser engrave on bamboo and have had a client ask for a board with kittens on it and would love to do it with your animations, if you could permit me to do so. Many thanks.

    • vonholdt

      i suppose that’s fine this one time. can i get a picture of the finished product?

      • Yes of course and thank you! Could you please give me an email address to mail you a photo when it is done. Kind regards.

  28. Alejandro GT

    I saw your blog about the wood d20. It’s looks great! I’d be really interested commissioning a bigger one out of a really dense wood. Is this something you’d be interested in?

    • vonholdt

      i don’t know if i have the tools for a bigger one. maybe if it’s hollow?

  29. Michael Noa

    Love the work you did on the solid D20 made of wood, was wondering if you commission woodwork as well as artwork? If so I’d like to discuss getting one of those wonderful D20s made. Thanks for your time!

  30. Hi , im thinking about starting to stream on Twitch and as part of my channel i wanted to use one of you pic specificly as my channel because it fits my name(PinjaNinja-pirate ninja) , wanted to ask for permission to use it .
    credit and link to your blog will be attached at the channel.
    thank you for the response πŸ™‚

  31. Hi Vanholdt, I absolutely adore your drawings, they’re so impressive! I found this cute drawing: I’m creating a small app game for fun, to learn how to create stuff with unity, would it be okay if I use your drawing as foundation to create my small spaceman character in the game? that would make my day!! πŸ™‚ All the best Andreas

  32. Maggie Fan

    Hello, Vanholdt,
    I am making a reading certificate for my kid’s homeschool. May I use your drawings of the Doddle dragon and the boat? Thank you.
    A mom from Taiwan.

  33. ANDREW Gilbert

    I was wondering if I could use your image Stained Glass Cross Finished on a poster for our church to put outside in a notice board, use in notice sheet and possible on website to advertise a service that we hold 5 times a year called Come and See?

  34. ANDREW Gilbert

    Thank you so much.

    • vonholdt

      no problem, i’d love to see the website announcement or poster once they’re done

  35. ANDREW Gilbert

    Hi the website is with your image now on the front page at the bottom to reflect what’s on this week and will, providing you are happy, remain permanently on the page as the image linked to our Come and See Service. When I have the poster produced and outside(not sure if I’ll manage that for this Come and See service as it is this Sunday – so next is in April). I’ll send you a picture if you let me have your email address.

    It is a fantastic image, and the team who are responsible for planning the Come and See service are really pleased that we are able to use it.

    • vonholdt

      looks good! i feel blessed that you could use the image, it was a lot of fun to draw

  36. Dave

    I’m a PhD student and my friend and I, another PhD student are trying to start a blog sort of letting people have an insight into how the academic world really works and what the processes are like internally. We need a little picture, and I saw your Ivory Tower logo (I believe doodle 810) and was wondering if we could use it as our profile picture? It’s really just perfect. The blog will be on medium and titled “Letters from the Tower” Please fell free to email us back, I would appreciate that very much!

  37. Dave

    That is amazong! Thank you!!

  38. Nicole Hite

    I was wondering if I could use your stained glass cross for my schools mission statement poster? It is beautiful! Thank you.

  39. Nicole Hite

    I need help with a drawing for a logo – is this something that you would be interested in? If so can we chat? This would definitely be a paid job. Thanks!

  40. Would love to use your stained glass cross for our 2019 annual conference with the UMC. Not sure how to contact you other than leaving a message on your blog.

  41. John


    I have an upcoming military officers course and we are looking for a class mascot. I came across a war turtle drawing that you did. Would you be opposed for us to use it as a mascot for our class and coin?

    Keep up the awesome stuff!

    • vonholdt

      I could probably redraw this one too, if you needed it to be cleaner or a little different pose.

      • John

        Thank you very much for the reply! The original one is great. I will Send it in for the class to vote. Again, thank you very much. Keep up the awesome work!

  42. JOHN YI


    Could I use Your war turtle design for our class mascot? We are going to be starting an Army Officers course soon and I think It would be perfect.

    Thank you!

  43. Hello! I saw your β€œCowboy Caveman” from about 8 years ago and wanted to talk to you about making a version of it for me. Thank you.

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