Rocket Raccoon Doodle

Rocket Doodle

This is just a little Rocket I doodled in a training meeting about HR stuffs.  I’m excited for this next installment to be out in May, though Chris Pratt’s facial hair seems weird (pointy sideburns?).

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Designing a Master Sword

Master Sword

Almost 2 1/2 years ago I built my oldest son a Dwarven Axe to his specifications and now my youngest has decided what he would like me to make him.  He’s been playing lots of Zelda lately, though we don’t have a Switch, and wanted me to build him a wooden Master Sword.  The design above is what I planned out and finally settled on based on pictures and a cardboard mock-up we made to test the scale and measurements.  We bought the board for it last weekend and should be cutting on Saturday.  Hopefully I remember to take pictures throughout the process.  I still haven’t gotten my oldest to decide what he wants to do with his axe.   Teenagers…

sword cardboard mock-up

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LEGO Series 17

LEGO Series 17

I had to wait around a bit at Walmart last night to get a tire fixed and I found they were selling the new LEGO minifigure series.  So after some nimble package squeezing, I brought home the vet with bunny, the rocket boy, the punk dwarf, two retro space guys, four corn men, and the mystery pirate character!

I may need to get more corn men though, Iowa pride and all.

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Deathstar Breakroom

deathstar breakroom

This is yet another WIP doodle towards that comic I’m putting together reconstructing a classic Star Wars tale.

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Newest LEGO Mini-mech

Second LEGO Mini Mech

Last weekend my oldest and I ended a day of errands at the local second hand LEGO store.  I picked up another little tub of parts suitable for LEGO mechs, so I started farting around after i got done sorting my loot and made this guy.  It’s considerably larger than my last one.

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Rebel Pilot

rebel pilot

I’m working on a four-part comic strip as a training aid that will retell a classic Star Wars story in a new way.  This was my idea for the character styling for the protagonist.  His name is Mitchell.

Just a quick doodle on my Surface Pro 3 in Krita

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elliot the dragon

Tonight my youngest and I watched the new Pete’s Dragon on Netflix.  I thought it was a really good reimagining of the story, and I decided to doodle up the big guy.

Done on my Surface Pro 3 in Krita.

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Highland Games

Highland Games

Today, our family spent a few hours at a local Highland Games festival.  I should have bought one of those cool kilts with tha cargo pockets.

This doodle a drew a few days ago, knowing we were going to the festival.  I’m certain his tartan pattern is highly inaccurate, but such is a doodle.

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Squirrelly Fellow


This was part of something we are doing for friend at work who can be easily distracted.

I’m gonna name this squirrel Wallace.

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Staining Die Numbers

Staining Die Numbers

I got a custom request through etsy to make an icosahedron and stain the numbers on it for a young couple.  That whole process was quite a bit of work, but I think it came out nicely.  Haven’t heard back from them yet, but I really hope they like it.

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