Inktober – Dub You

Dub You

My fifth prompt for inktober is Emotional, and I’ve been sitting on this pun for a couple of weeks.  If you don’t get it, just ask your parents.

Dub You sketchbook

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Inktober – Motorcycle Jump

Motorcylce Jump

For day four of Inktober my prompt is Drama.  I was trying to think of something or someone dramatic, so I thought up this.  The front wheel is supposed to be cranked over to the side, but I didn’t do it quite enough, so it just looks like I suck at spatial perspective.  Which is probably true.  Anywho, happy inking peoples.

Motorcycle Jump sketchbook

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Inktober – Thor-bacca


For day three of Inktober, my prompt was comical.  A few weeks ago we were goofing around with all the masks we’ve accumulated over the years and paired Chewbacca with Thor’s helmet.  My son thoughout it was funny enough to draw, so I made sure to find a way to slide it in this month.

Thor-bacca sketchbook

Thor-bacca masks

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Inktober – My Cat Scout


Today is the second day of Inktober and my prompt was Biological, so I thought I’d draw our little man Scout.  This was based on a photo I took of him sometime back that was super cute.

Scout sketchbook

Scout Portrait Session

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Inktober – Arch De Triumph

Arch de Triumph

Today is the first day of Inktober 2017, and my prompt is Architectural.  I decided to draw the Arch de Triumph from Paris with a banner, and to use my tiny Sakura Micron pens.  Here’s to seeing if I can keep up this year.

Arch de Triumph sketchbook

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How Great – Wooden Sign

How Great is Our God Sign

This is quick sign I put together for one of my wife’s friends.  Simple pine board, routed and distressed with a vinyl sticker and clear coat to seal it.  I used my keyhole bit on the back for mounting.

I used the cable strung across my garage, that’s normally for suspending my silk screen exposure lamp, to let this dry overnight without any bugs attaching themselves.

Sign Drying Setup

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2017 Inktober Prompts


Inktober logo: by Jake Parker

inktober logo jake parker

Some people post the prompts ahead of time that they will be using for next month’s Inktober (Including the creator Jake Parker).  This year I thought I’d try something with a little different structure, as I probably won’t be able to hit all the days.  I will use the following as a repeating guide throughout the month.

– – – Inktober topics – – –

Sundays: Architectural

Mondays: Biological

Tuesdays: Comical

Wednesdays: Dramatical

Thurdays: Emotional

Fridays: Floral

Saturdays: Geological

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Batgirl Colored


This doodle was colored in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.  The color distracts a little from all the things I don’t like about it.

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batgirl lines

In my continuing efforts to work more on drawing the female form, I thought I would take a stab at Batgirl.  Not happy with it, but it’s not horrible.

Proportions are a little off, pose is wonky, needs more dynamic action…

Original in pencil and brushpen, quickly converted to lines in Inkscape, then some fixes in Krita.  All on my Surface Pro 3.

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Samurai Roller Mech

Samurai Roller Mech

With the LEGO Ninjago movie coming out soon, I’ve really been hoping they will sell a set based on Cole’s quake mech.  They built a little tiny one, but I’m still hopeful.  This random samurai doodle was inspired by the design.

I really wish the LEGO group would consider making some UCS sets that are true to the models in movie.  I was disappointed by the green dragon and the fire mech sets.

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