Horned Knight (Inktober)

horned knight (inktober)

horned knight (inktober)

Today I scribbled out this scrappy looking knight, sallying into the fray.

On a completely unrelated note…I’ve been trying to order a desktop lathe from Amazon for a few weeks now with interesting results.  First package I received seemed the right weight (around 120 lbs) but almost too big.  It was a shop sized dust collection system.  Nice but not what I needed.  So, after working out all the logistics of returning a huge and hefty box, I finally got my lathe delivered today.  Nope. They sent me a 24″ pan break.  I’m a little concerned about the management of their inventory but we’re going for attempt three now.  I can’t take much more disappointment.

Perhaps they just need a visual aid

visual aid

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