Paper Nightlight Shade

paper nightlight shade

paper nightlight shade

A few weeks ago I had to help my oldest make a geodesic dome project for school.  The directions had a bunch of loose references about cutting circles out around some size, and trying you best to make an equilateral triangle in the middle.  That just would not cut it for this math nerd with a paper cutter.  The real beauty is that with cardstock, I can use my silhouette cameo to cut one pass with a shallow blade for the fold lines (setting 1), and another pass to cut out the individual shapes (setting 3).  Assembly directions can be found here, but I choose to tuck the round edges inside.

But that got me to thinking about what else I could use that form for.  I decided to try cutting ornamentation into the sides and using it as a shade for a nightlight.  A friend suggested next time tucking colored contact paper inside too!  Anyway, it was really fun to make and I like how the results came out.

battery tea light

battery tea light

Here’s my pattern with 11 shapes.  You need 20 to make a ball, but I made one alternate/stronger shape for the bottom piece the bulb goes through.

geo lightshade

geo lightshade

Here’s the files I made for the cutter.  They should be sized to 8.5″ x 11″.  They are really .dxf files, but wordpress won’t let me upload that, so just dump the .docx extension after you download them.

geo_shade_fold.dxf  (use blade setting 1 on cardstock, should not cut through)

geo_shade_cut.dxf  (use blade setting 3 on cardstock, will cut through)

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